Monday, December 15, 2014

More Elf Fun....Days 8-14

 Day 8 found Rudy in the mood for a little fishing.  Goldfish fishing, that is!

By Day 9 Rudy needed to relax and unwind a bit.

Here's a fun update to day 7, when Rudy left Emma a message in M&Ms.  We planted them in a bowl of sugar like directed and look what sprouted!

December 10th was Emma's seventh birthday!!!  Rudy surprised her by leading her on a little scavenger hunt, which ended in the bathtub.  Rudy was waiting for her with a special greeting, a party hat, and her gifts.  She was delighted!  (We had a wonderful day and I can hardly believe the baby of our family is SEVEN!)

The eleventh of December and Rudy, like the rest of us southerners, is ready for some winter weather!  Here's to wishful thinking!!!

December 12th.....the day we have been waiting for all semester!  Sissy and her roommate come home for a visit!!!!  My son Hayden took care of this entirely on his own.  I was completely exhausted and engrossed in a  difficult computer project, so he stayed up super late and put this together to bless me.  It mean the world to me!  Didn't he do a great job??

Day 13....GASP!  He tried to frame our (sweet, adorable, perfect) dog!!!  No one here believed that Penny could do such a terrible thing.

Day 14, and Rudy was feeling rather bright.

We are certainly finding out that having an elf in the house is a tricky task.....we certainly never know what we will find when we wake up!  Rudy has kept things lively and interesting around here.

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