Wednesday, October 8, 2014

The Easter Bunny Lives in Our Homeschool Room

I absolutely love Dr. Suess.  One year when she was really small, Emma received this in her Easter basket....

She named him "The Easter Bunny".


Fast forward many Mom is here babysitting one night and it is time for Emma to go to bed.  Emma asks to sleep with "The Easter Bunny" and is completely unwilling to settle for anything different.  My Mom searches high and low for a rabbit, as Emma's frustration escalates. come Grandma couldn't figure out that this was the requested creature?  What's wrong with Grandma, anyway?  Ha!!!!  We have laughed and laughed over that one.  We arrived home that night and my poor Mom was frazzled and beat.  Emma was old enough to say "Easter Bunny!!" again and again, but not old enough to describe or explain to my Mom what she meant.  The more animals Mom offered, the more upset she got that Grandma couldn't get it right.

Emma recently added the Easter Bunny to the give away basket.  I'm not a big saver, so it's highly unlike me to dive in and rescue something my kids are ready to pass along, but there are far too many precious memories attached to this guy.  Since I love Dr. Suess books, I decided he should live in our homeschool room, so my husband posed him in the window above the homeschool room door, and this is my view everyday from my chair.

Life is good.  Hard to be too crabby about much of anything with the Easter Bunny keeping watch.  ;)

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